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Benefits of self-publishing in Canada and FAQs

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Self-publishing has become increasingly popular over the years, and for good reason. As a book cover designer, in my 7 years of experience in the book world, I have seen firsthand the benefits that self-publishing can offer authors. In this blog, I will explore the advantages of self-publishing and why it may be the right choice for you.

It wasn't long ago that self-pub wasn't really an option, it wasn't long ago that it was seen as a last resort rather than a pretty common choice as it is now. So you’re probably wondering why so many authors opt to self-publish now instead of going the traditional route?



In recent years, self-publishing has become a popular option for aspiring authors for several reasons. Firstly, self-published authors have complete control over their work, from content to cover design and marketing strategy. This level of freedom is especially appealing for authors who believe traditional publishers may not fully comprehend or appreciate their vision.

Secondly, self-publishing is now more accessible and affordable than ever, thanks to digital publishing platforms such as Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing and IngramSpark. These platforms allow authors to publish their work in e-book and print-on-demand formats without requiring a significant upfront investment.

And thirdly, self-publishing is a viable option for authors who have been declined by traditional publishers. With self-publishing, authors no longer have to rely on a publishing house's approval to get their work to readers.

Overall, the rise of self-publishing has democratized the publishing industry and given authors more options and control over their work. And this growing trend is likely to continue in the coming years, as more and more authors seek to take control of the publishing process and reach readers directly.


However, it is important for authors that self-publishing requires a significant amount of time and effort to successfully market and promote a self-published book. So ultimately, the decision of whether to self-publish or pursue traditional publishing will depend on the individual author's goals, resources, and preferences.

Control over the Creative Process One of the biggest benefits of self-publishing is the control an author has over the creative process. When working with a traditional publisher, the author may have little say in the cover design or marketing strategy. However, with self-publishing, the author has complete control over the entire process. This means they can work with a cover designer to create a book cover that truly reflects the content of their book.

Higher Royalties Another major benefit of self-publishing is the potential for higher royalties. Traditional publishers often take a large percentage of the profits from book sales, leaving the author with a smaller percentage. With self-publishing, the author can keep a greater portion of the profits. This allows them to earn more money from their book sales, which can be especially important for new authors trying to establish themselves in the industry.

More Flexibility Self-publishing also offers greater flexibility in terms of publishing timelines and formats. Traditional publishers often have strict timelines and specific requirements for the format of the book. However, with self-publishing, the author can choose when to publish their book and in what format. This allows for greater control over the process and can make it easier for the author to get their book out to readers in a timely manner.


Creative Freedom Self-publishing allows for more creative freedom in terms of content. Traditional publishers may require changes to the content of a book in order to make it more marketable. However, with self-publishing, the author has the final say in what goes into their book. This allows for more unique and creative content that may not fit into the traditional publishing model.

Wide-Range of Marketing Opportunities Self-publishing also offers a wide range of marketing opportunities for authors. Traditional publishers could invest plenty on marketing if they think your book will make them plenty of money, but may also have limited marketing budgets and resources and may not prioritize your book as you’d like or may push you to do marketing tactics you are not comfortable with. However, with self-publishing, the author can work with a marketing team or utilize their own resources to promote their book as they see fit. This can include social media, book tours, and other promotional tactics that may not be available through traditional publishing channels. With self-pub the responsibility to promote your book is solely on you, but thankfully there are companies who can assist and guide you on creating marketing strategies for your book or as an author and can also implement them if your budget allows.


In conclusion, self-publishing offers many benefits for authors, and as as cover designer I have seen my authors find a balance between success and making their dreams of publishing a reality as it allows for greater control over the creative process, higher royalties, more flexibility, creative freedom, and custom-fit marketing opportunities. If you are an author considering self-publishing, it may be worth exploring the many advantages it can offer. As a book cover designer, I have seen firsthand the benefits of self-publishing and would highly recommend it as a viable option for authors.

Side note, if you are tired of rejection letters, don't give up! If getting a big publisher offer is what your end goal is, self-publishing your book first can actually get their attention much efficiently than if you were unpublished and unknown as an author.
Self-publishing options in Canada and FAQs

There are several options for self-publishing authors in Canada, and most of our clients, publish and distribute their books with Ingramspark and Amazon and choose POD as their method of printing. They also make their books available as an ebook in stores like Kobo and Apple Books apart from Amazon.


What is print-on-demand and what are the options for self-published authors in Canada?

Print-on-demand, or POD, is a popular option for self-published authors who want to have their books printed and distributed without the hassle of managing inventory. It allows authors to print and ship books as they are ordered, reducing the upfront cost and risk associated with traditional printing.

In Canada, there are several POD options available for self-published authors. One of the most popular services is Amazon's KDP. With KDP, authors can upload their manuscript and cover design, and the book will be printed and shipped to customers as orders are placed. Another popular POD option in Canada is IngramSpark. IngramSpark is a distribution platform that allows authors to print and distribute their books worldwide. They offer a variety of printing options, including hardcover, paperback, and even printing in color. IngramSpark also offers distribution to major online retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Indigo.

Overall, print-on-demand options are a cost-effective and convenient way for self-published authors in Canada to get their books printed and distributed without the need for a large upfront investment. With options such as KDP and IngramSpark authors have a variety of choices to fit their specific needs and preferences. You can also order proofs or author copies from them to be the first one to see it in person and make sure everything inside and out is to your satisfaction prior to getting sales.

What is the difference between indie writers and self-published authors?

Indie writers are typically those who choose to publish their work independently without the support of a traditional publisher. Self-published authors are one type of indie writer who choose to take on all aspects of the publishing process themselves, including editing, formatting, cover design, and marketing. However, not all indie writers are self-published authors, as some may choose to work with smaller independent publishers or hybrid publishing models.

How much should an self-published author expect to have to invest to publish their book and what should they be invest in?

The cost of self-publishing a book can vary greatly depending on factors such as editing, cover design, and marketing. On average, authors can expect to spend anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars on each service. It's important to invest in professional editing and cover design to produce a high-quality book. Marketing expenses may include book reviews, advertising, and social media promotions. However, there are also several low-cost or free options for self-publishing, such as using print-on-demand services or e-book publishing platforms. See here an ideal timeline of your publishing process as a self-pub author and which services you need to budget for.

What are key-turn publishers in the book industry and what are the benefits and drawbacks in working with them as an author?

"Key-turn" publishers, also known as "full-service" publishers, are companies that handle all aspects of book publishing from editing to distribution for a fee. The benefits of working with them include having access to a team of publishing professionals who can help polish your work and guide you through the publishing process, acting as your project manager from start to finish. However, the drawbacks can include higher costs and less control over the final product. It's important to carefully research and consider all options before choosing a publisher or key-turn agency/publishers.

Is Ana Chabrand Design House a publisher or key-turn publisher?
Well, neither exactly, we’re not publishers. We specialize in book cover design and branding for authors. However, with 7 years of experience and knowledge in the publishing industry, as well as in design and branding, we have curated a network of Trusted Experts in the industry to assist in every other aspect of your publishing needs and most importantly share Ana’s values, as it is one of the reasons why our customers love our work. So, with our network, you basically have the top independent professionals in Canada at your fingertips, giving you the ability to create your own self-pub team you can personally choose from without having to do an overwhelming amount of research to find them. Best of both worlds, no?
Here are some things we can assist you with:
Plus, thanks to our Trusted Expert Network, we can assist in:
- TYPESETTING Learn More plus assistance in uploading your files!



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