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So, you wrote a book and you're wondering- now what?

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

We get this question a lot!

The process of deciding how to get your book out there is as confusing as it is personal. Specially when it comes to self-publishing. There a many choices out there and what may work for others may not work for you. What is true, is that no matter which way you go or company you decide to self-publish with, there is a choice for every need in today's widely popular self-publishing industry.

We have created this graphic above that illustrates the major stages of self-publishing, which has helped many authors understand where to go next. Some of these services have been separated into what is expected of the writer to do, and what hired services can assist you with.

It is true, all your hired services will also have different schedules and perhaps their calendars book months in advance, so if you're next question is - when do I reach out to each of them? keep reading...


If you consider the fact it is recommended to announce your book's launch date about 3-6 months in advance, you'll want to reach out to your ideal professionals (typesetter, editor, book cover designer...) long before that.

This is because by this point in time (when you announce your upcoming book launch), you should already have your book cover designed and some marketing materials ready to go along with your announcement. That way, you are able to show something visual, create some buzz and even get some pre-sales (if your store offers this option).

What is a launch date you ask? Basically, it means the day you plan for your book to be available for purchase (online or in retail stores).

So, if you consider that book cover designs could take about 3 months of average, based on your designer's availability and taking into account all the revisions and time it takes for so many steps to be ready for print, you'll want to consider another 3-4 months before the date you make your announcement. Your typesetter, usually works alongside your book cover designer's timeline (and finishes just before so your book cover designer can prepare your final press-ready version). And finally, you want to consider another 2 months before this, for your editor to work on your manuscript- at the minimum.

So, basically, this means, you need to reach out to your hired services at least 9-12 months prior to your launch date to give yourself enough time and most importantly- allow yourself the opportunity to announce your launch date around 3-6 months in advance to generate traction.

If you are in a hurry, and reach out to your hired services less than 9 months before you plan to publish, you may be missing out of your preferred hired services as your timelines may not work for them or simply, they can be all booked up. More than that, I have seen plenty of authors push their impossible timelines over and over because they encountered obstacles, which at the end of the day are unpredictable with so many moving parts in your project.

To put your best foot forward, give yourself plenty of time, you've worked so hard on writing this book, it is always best to do things right the first time and that way, guarantee yourself a great start!


What's next?

Want some help deciding where to publish from a book cover designer's perspective?

Contact us for a consultation meeting to know more about your project and let us recommend the best fit for you and see how else we can help!

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