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professional book cover design in canada

we design book covers that can really tell your story

Since 2017 Ana has focused on book cover design primarily, becoming a known book cover designer within Canada’s self-publishing industry. We have also worked with multiple publishers including Cascadia Author Services, Printorium Bookworks / Island Blue, Books by You, First Steps Publishing, and Canadian Scholars. 

Additionally, we assist self-publishing authors with their branding as an author, designing their WIX website, logo, and marketing materials, such as posters, bookmarks, business cards and graphics for social media- so they can promote their book themselves or establish their visual identity.


Eight of the book covers we have designed covers for have made Amazon Bestseller titles, some without any prior marketing in the most competitive categories and markets. Time Noir by David Raymond was in the #1 spot in New Releases in the US for over a month.  The Naidisbo by Megan Wood landed on the coveted #1 spot while still on pre-sale!  Plus, our customers love their covers, just read what they have to say here

At Ana Chabrand Design House, we are extremely passionate about each project. We design book covers that can truly tell your story, thanks to our visual storytelling skills, our passion and our marketing-thinking. We not only design a cover that you love, but we design a cover that is professional, that fits your genre, targets your audience the best and most importantly- a cover that stands out. We design covers that leave a strong impression from the 1st look by leaving potential readers intrigued- they'll just want to know more.


We are recommended by the following pages or blogs:

  • Named #1 in the 'Top Book Cover Designers in Canada' list by Writing Tips Oasis in 2019-2021

  • Printorium Bookworks: list of recommended graphic designers found in Canada. See it here.

  • Featured in 3 Penny Publishing list of resources. See it here.


Stacked Books

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learn why our clients love their covers
Stage 1:
Book Cover Design (front cover / ebook):
  • Professional custom-made illustration, unique and specially made for you with commercial rights (based on the proposal we create for you) OR Using up to X amount of images per cover from stock images if needed (depends on your type of cover & style/needs)

  • 3-5 variations of the same proposed concept- with different colours, fonts and/or small variations to choose from

  • Use of commercial-free fonts

  • 2 revisions on front cover

Ask for full details.

Stage 2:
Print-Ready Version
(After stage 1 only)
  • Spine & Back Cover (After front cover design above)

  • 1 revision on spine & back cover design

  • Full cover preparation to fit selected-printer requirements.

    Ask for full details.

Pre-Design Stage:
Concept Design Proposal
  • All our covers include a Professional Concept Design proposal, this proposal is based on your brief, story, ideas. This means, prior to starting on your project, we do research, create moodboards and conceptualize something that balances your story, your audience, genre and ralated trends. Conceptualized with our visual storytelling skills our clients rave about & our marketing-thinking, this ensures the cover is not only pretty but is a successful design and allows us to be the same page with you.

Stacked Books

We regularly work with these printers,

we would reccomend them to any self-published author!

Book Cover Design
prices and packages
from book cover proposal to finish product

With marketing and design-thinking in mind, it is important for us to fully understand your story, genre and your target audience. We do our research and envision what sort of cover would work for your book, taking into account all of your ideas (if you have any), and brainstorming how we can encompass your book's soul in a visual format, as well as what style would attract your audience best. We then create a concept for you and describe what we would do for your cover (e.g. "we'd use this type of font style, and illustrate this element from your story in this way") providing you with some examples of similar covers or styles so you can visualize it fully. Once you approve that concept, we set to work!


We call this process visual storytelling, and it has allowed us to create unique and outstanding book covers that not only our authors love, but are professionally designed and therefore would help you market your book best and attract your desired audience. 

the team
Ana Chabrand Design House - best book cover designers in Canada

Lead Designer, Concept and Art Director

As the lead designer and owner, but primarily a visual storyteller- Ana designs, conceptualizes and directs your book cover from rough concept to finished product. She wears many hats in the design process and manages your project.  

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featured artist collaborations
Ana Chabrand Design House Team

Illustrator Collaboration

Leila is a highly talented illustrator whom we collaborate with on many many covers. Leila's skills and creativity brings some of our most complex covers to life with beautiful and unique illustrations. She takes the rough idea and creates the most beautiful book cover art with it.

Ana Chabrand Design House Team

Digital Art + Illustratror Collaboration

Eva collaborates with Ana when our concept requires an ambitious digital artwork or composition.  Eva's skills and passion allow our most digitally complex covers come to life through photo manipulation and digital illustration. 

how we work / team

We're the designers of eight

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