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While we're known for our book covers, if you are self-managing your project, searching for the best in their craft for each part of your project can be truly time-consuming and overwhelming.  That's why we've done the research for you by finding the most talented and customer-focused professionals who can assist you in completing the rest of your self-publishing project! They are whom we trust and recommend to all our clients and we'll be happy to connect you!


Whereas you need editing or typesetting services, our curated list of Trusted Experts are true experts in their field in the industry, so you'll always have the right people ready to help you with the rest of your self-publishing project if you need it.  Plus, we make sure we only add professionals who also share the same values as Ana does, so you can truly trust their advise in their respective services. We also make sure that when they join our network, the services they offer to our clientele, are fully specialized and customized for indie authors just like you.

Meet your curated self-publishing team.

Olakunde typesetter.png

ola m.


Ola is a freelance typesetter and book layout specialist with over 5 years typesetting books for self-published authors on Amazon and IngramSpark. He has been involved in a range of projects, including fiction, non-fiction, and illustrated children’s books.

He is excited to collaborate with Ana Chabrand Design House on typesetting projects and to help make this often-stressful process for authors a very simple and easy one.

In his spare time, Ola loves to read on diverse topics, explore new technology, and watch movies (if he can decide on something to watch).

SAMANTHA (1).jpg



Samantha is a freelance beta reader & proofreader. Having a love of reading for as long as she can remember, she's turned that love into a successful online beta reading career.


Having worked on over 300 books in a professional capacity, she can offer the perspective of both the target demographic of your novel as well as the perspective of someone in the publishing industry. 


In her free time, she manages to read some non-work related books and take care of her pet rabbits.


Maria photo.jpg

Maria p.


Maria is a freelance website-map builder. Passionate about optimizing & making sure a website shows the value of a brand in a clean and personalized way. She has a diploma in Digital Marketing and Innovation & Entrepreneurship, allowing her to be as dynamic as companies are nowadays by applying the latest trends in the digital world.


She collaborates with Ana Chabrand Design in mapping site maps & copy for websites prior to design.


Books & yoga are her way to keep her grounded & dreaming at the same time.


Editor Kyle Hawke - with hat.jpg

Kyle h.


Kyle has over 15 years of experience working on books, building on his prior experience with newspapers, magazines, and broadcasting. Comfortable working with fiction, non-fiction, and
poetry authors, he has extensive knowledge of the concerns of authors and book buyers alike.

He considers it a signature honour and a sacred responsibility to be entrusted with an author’s words. He looks forward to helping each author’s voice carry into the wider world of readers.

Kyle spends much of his spare time with cats and comics, also enjoying singing when someone hands him a mic.


tiana H.


Tiana specializes in PPC and SEO. Fascinated by business growth stories and the nuances of marketing within different industries, she started her career in an agency working with e-commerce, beauty, lifestyle, real estate and tech brands.


Today, she enjoys diving deep into site optimizations, data and leading inbound and paid strategies.


She collaborates with Ana Chabrand Design in creating sites with the best foundations for SEO.


In Tiana’s spare time, she is protecting her books, plants and furniture from her puppy, Franklin.



silvia C.


Silvia is an interior designer and photographer with over 10 years of experience.


She collaborates with Ana Chabrand Design House in multiple projects including photography. She is our go-to photographer and/or director when we take author or personal branding portraits. 


Silvia is also a Certified Health Coach and on her free time, you'll find her spending time with her family, cooking and sharing her new recipes, or spending time outdoors. 




Let us connect you to a boutique book marketing agency located right here in Canada, who has worked with both independent authors and small publishers to create customized publicity campaigns to launch books and build author platforms! And for authors who prefer to have control of their branding and publicity, or for those with a smaller budget, our go-to book marketing agency offers an interactive online program that is perfect for you!

Thanks to this partnership, we are able to offer you our SPECIAL PRICING on some really exciting products that you as an author will find super helpful and more than that- affordable. Plus, they also offer specialized a-la-carte marketing services for authors. Ana Chabrand Design House can also collaborate with them on any graphic design projects for any marketing campaign you create with them. Basically, you'll have the best Marketing & Branding team on your side.

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