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Editing for books and manuscripts Canada
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meet your new editor

Our go to editor Vanya, has over ten years of experience in all stages of the book editing process. As a developmental editor, she has mentored authors through the writing process. She is also a copyeditor and proofreader with a keen eye for detail. 


Her editing projects include books for self-published authors, entrepreneurs, business owners, educators, federal organizations, and niche publishers. Vanya is also a member of the Editors' Association of Canada!

Ana has worked tirelessly to find the best in their field in Canada who can assist you in your self-publishing journey. Ana is a passionate and customer-focus professional and has ensured her go-to team of experts are the same way, that's why when we recommend someone to you- we mean it. Interested in working with Vanya? Let us connect you!

Our go-to editor offers mainly two types of editing: grammar/spelling and content/structure editing. Whether it is your first round or your final round of editing, we have flexible packages to fit your needs.


Plus, if the book is part of a series but not the first book, we offer services to check consistency across the series, such as character backstories, setting details, etc.



What is the difference between grammar/spelling and content/structure editing?



Grammar & Spelling: We correct your spelling, grammar, and punctuation, as well as point out inconsistencies and errors in language use.


Content & Structure: With this type of editing, it means there might be suggestions to improve clarity, structure, or the soundness of your book’s arguments. In other words, Content & Structure editing evaluates the overall content of a document in order to optimize comprehensibility as well as verify and correct issues with the flow and continuity of the book.



All editing can be done with track changes on so the author can approve/disapprove any changes or suggestions.



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why our clients love vanya

Testimonials for Vanya's editing

Working with Vanya was a learning experience with each line she checked and edited. Thank you Vanya for your great work. It has been a pleasure to work with you.

- Marcelo V.

Editor for Manuscripts

Vanya’s copy editing on my work was outstanding. Her substantive editing was perceptive and supportive. I’d be happy to work with her again.

- Kim Richards

testimonials vanya
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