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Ana Chabrand williams



Ana Chabrand is a freelance artist, graphic designer and writer located in Vancouver, BC Canada. She is the founder of this freelancing creative studio.


Ana has always loved spending hours in bookstores, picking out books from the shelves that stood out and getting mesmerized by their outstanding covers. Sometimes- just buying books because of their beautiful book covers. For her, it is truly a dream come true to design them professionally and help self-publish authors put them up on those same shelves.


On her free time, she enjoys binge-watching the latest TV show, listening to movie soundtracks, reading or window-shopping for more shoes. 



leila charur


Leila Charur is a freelance illustrator, creator, and owner of her growing business and up & coming brand Siennasirena. She works in her home studio based in Texas, exploring between traditional and stylistic mediums in her illustrations. She is currently completing an MFA degree in Illustration from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Leila enjoys collaborating with Ana Chabrand Design House by illustrating beautiful and unique images to effectively communicate the client’s vision.

When she is not drawing, Leila enjoys spending time with her daughter Sienna, who has been a big part of her journey as an artist. Watching movies, playing piano and singing off key are some of her other hobbies.



eva pekarova


Eva Pekarova is a freelance artist working as an illustrator and film composer. Her illustrative work is endlessly inspired through unique compositions, natural elements, and folklore. She holds a bachelors of fine arts from Emily Carr University. 


Eva collaborates with Ana Chabrand Design House as a digital artist. She assists Ana with bringing her most digitally complex covers to life through photo manipulation and digital illustration. Eva likes fantasy and YA covers and is eager to expand into these realms further.


Outside of her arts practice, Eva works professionally with animals in training and caregiver capacities. She enjoys getting out to wild places, foraging, and playing tennis



Mandi Murphy



Mandi Murphy is a freelance animator located in Scotland UK.

She has spent the last five years learning animation, & writing Java Script. She enjoys taking something from a 2D environment & creating a 3D composition with it. She works across all genres. 


Working as an Animator has enabled Mandi to collaborate with some of the most talented people in the business world. She is very excited to now be collaborating with Ana Chabrand Design House.  

To relax, Mandi loves to spend time with her indoor cats 2 x Savannah & 1 Bengal. Listening to audio books, watching movies & exploring Scotland (when the weather permits).


independent freelancers who we trust and reccomend

Nicole Cuillerier


Nicole Cuillerier is a freelance editor, typesetter, writer, and math writer located in Ottawa, ON Canada.  She has spent the past six years working with all manner of subjects from fiction to nonfiction, but she has a soft spot for science fiction, math, and science.

Nicole is always looking to grow her skills and connect with other freelancers.  She is excited to be able to collaborate with Ana Chabrand Design House on typesetting and editing projects.

To relax, Nicole loves to knit, design and create costumes, and explore the outdoors.


silvia chabrand


Silvia Chabrand is an interior designer and photographer with over 10 years of experience.


She collaborates with Ana Chabrand Design House in multiple projects including photography. She is our go-to photographer and/or director when we take author or personal branding portraits. 


Silvia is also a Certified Health Coach and on her free time, you'll find her spending time with her family, cooking and sharing her new recipes, or spending time outdoors.