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Ana is the Founder, CEO and Lead Designer at Ana Chabrand Design House.

While she opened her studio in 2016, in 2017 she focused on book cover design primarily, quickly becoming a known book cover designer within Canada’s self-publishing industry. She has since designed numerous book covers, including 7 covers which books made Amazon Bestseller titles upon release and some without any prior marketing and on presale!  She has also helped many authors build their own self-pub team with her curated Trusted Experts Network as well.  Moreover, she was a juror for the 2020 Manitoba book awards (book cover and illustration categories), and we can proudly share we been given glowing reviews for our services.

Since then, our studio has continued to evolve and grow, and can therefore offer a wide array of design services. From logos, visual identity kits and WIX websites, we specialize in graphic design services for both self-published authors and small businesses.

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When we say your book is our passion, we mean it. We love storytelling, books, book covers and we have a background in marketing and advertising that will help your book cover stand out. We also love making clients happy (and we don't just say that, really! just see our reviews!).

We strive to design a cover where the most important points in your story come alive in a visual way, in other words- conveying the essence of your story in book cover format. We also strive to help authors who are self-publishing, find the right team to help them make the dream of publishing a reality that's why we also created a network of industry experts ready to assist in all other parts of your project. So if you are looking for a designer who is passionate, experienced and who is truly committed to her customers- you have found the right place. 

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After working as a Marketing Coordinator for one of the top independent travel agencies in Canada, and working alongside industry leaders, Ana opened her freelancing studio "Ana Chabrand Design House" with the idea to combine all of her skills and passions and offer a variety of services that extend far beyond the ordinary. With a love of books, storytelling, and marketing- book cover design seemed like the perfect fit.


The love for book covers is real! Ana has always loved spending hours in bookstores, picking out books from the shelves that stood out and getting mesmerized by their outstanding covers. Sometimes- just buying books because of their beautiful book covers. For her, realizing that there was a job where she could design them professionally and help self-publish authors put them up on those same shelves- was a dream come true.

Ana Chabrand Design House was founded in 2016 and since 2017, Ana focused her business on book covers primarily, becoming a known book cover designer within Canada’s self-publishing industry. Additionally, she assists her authors with author’s branding, designing their author WIX websites, logos, and marketing materials, such as printed posters, bookmarks, business cards and graphics for social media- so they can promote their book themselves or establish their author branding. 

We not only design a cover that you love, but we design a cover that is professional, that fits your genre, targets your audience the best and most importantly- a cover that stands out. We design covers that leave a strong impression from the 1st look- we use lots of contrast and impact to intrigue potential readers.


We are the designers of the multi-award-winning series The Prophesy by Jerena Tobiasen and are backed up by our 5-star reviews. Plus, 7 of the books we've designed covers for, have made Amazon #1 bestseller titles.


graphic design services in Canada

We specialize in design services for authors and small businesses in Canada. 

From WIX websites, Branding, Book Cover Design to Social Media Identity Kits.


We are proud to be the designers of 7 Amazon Bestsellers and several multi-award series and have some amazing clients who have continued returning to us throughout the years with their personal and professional projects, just read some of the things they have to say about us here

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