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Hey, writers!


Check out our blog! Our team has been busy creating some cool content coming to our blog with tons of tips and information for Self-Publishing authors just like you!


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is Self-Publishing right for you?

Self-Publishing- a once small part of the publishing industry, has increasingly grown over the last few years, becoming more and more popular and making your dreams of publishing easier and more convenient than ever. Having the power and the chance as an independent author to publish a book without dealing with third-party companies, has become the best trend, a popular side-gig and a giant motivator to just start writing a book and release it to the world. Self-pub gives the author the opportunity to work with professionals they hand-pick themselves and who can help them publish professionally, all while maintaining control over their entire project. 


The creativity process while writing a book does not end after that full stop on the last page. For a self-published author that is their cue to start planning and making decisions on how their book is going to be put out there. 

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Some questions that you will need to make to yourself to commence a smooth but busy process are:


  • What am I writing about?

  • When should I start writing? Do I need specific tools to do it?

  • Is my book going to have a printed version or an ebook one? 

  • Where is it going to be sold? Do I need to make calls to bookstores or connect with digital platforms or distributors? 

  • How to choose the right book cover designer for your book? 

  • What is the interior of my book going to look like? How do I format my book into printer dimensions and ebook requirements?  

  • How will I promote my book? Do I need a website as an Author?

  • What's the difference between going with the self-publishing route versus having a contract with a publisher?

On this blog, you will find all you need to know about Self-Publishing and the activities within it. STAY TUNED!

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