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WIX website design in Canada for authors and self-published authors

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Author Website Design in Canada

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WIX website designer in Canada 

Welcome, self-published authors!

Are you an author looking to showcase your work online? Look no further than WIX website design services! With experience helping authors with almost every other aspect of their book self-publishing journey, we understand the unique needs of authors when it comes to presenting their work in a visually appealing and user-friendly way. 

WIX website design in Canada

As a WIX website designer, I understand the importance of a strong online presence for authors. Our team will work closely with you to create a stunning website that showcases your work and engages your audience. From templates to custom designs and user-friendly interfaces, our WIX services will help you stand out in a crowded market. With WIX's easy-to-use platform and affordable plans, we can create a website that truly represents your brand and showcases your writing, and one that's easy for your to manage when we're done! So, whether you're a self-published author or looking to build your online presence, WIX has everything you need to create a stunning website that will leave a lasting impression on your readers. 

Plus, our design services can be expanded to design every aspect of your presence online and offline. From logos, marketing materials and social media branding packages to your website and yes, your book cover of course! That's why when it comes to websites, we can think of everything and how it relates to every other part of your project- so, don't settle for a cookie-cutter website – let us help you bring your vision to life. Contact us today to learn more about our WIX website design services for self-published authors.

Why do I need an author or book website?


Promote yourself and your books and keep your audience interested with a blog! As an author, you must begin to think of yourself as a brand. Your book, future books or series will be a brand. So, therefore, you must be one too. You want readers to remember you- recognize you even. Having a recognizable identity on isn't just for social media- you want readers to be able to learn more about you so you can establish yourself as a recognizable author.

A website is a great place to direct your social media followers so they can read more about your book and buy it!


Here is what a small Wix website creation looks like:

● Beautifully designed website establishing your author brand
● Full logo design p
ackage or text only author name options
● Mobile optimized
● Home, About, Contact, Books pages
● Blog page creation
● Content creation, editing and/or feedback to your texts
● Basic SEO & specialized SEO options available


We also offer consultation/coaching services! If you want to design your Wix site or manage it yourself but don't know where to start, ask us about this service.



How do you get an author site that's professionally designed to fit your book cover, genre & author branding but is affordable? Meet our simplified pre-structured sites to fit your budget & author needs! Get all your need, designed by us.

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Designed with authors in mind.

With over 7 years of experience in the self-publishing industry, and having designed Amazon bestseller book covers and websites on WIX for happy customers, we've come to understand exactly what authors need and don't need to have an online presence. So, we've designed pre-structured websites to minimize the cost for authors who are want to have a website but don't want to break the bank either. This process allows authors to have a site up and running in less than a month with the minimum required effort on their part. We know what the website should include, what it should say and with only a bit of content and provided imagery (your book cover, bio etc) we can design a website for you that has all you need to showcase yourself as an author and your books!

Don't bother losing countless hours looking what you should and not include on your site. We got you.

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