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Like this very website? We created it with Wix! Wix Websites are very easy to edit and can be mobile-optimized. Better yet, their hosting is super affordable!


Why do need an author or book website?


Promote yourself and your books and keep your audience interested with a blog! As an author, you must begin to think of yourself as a brand. Your book, future books or series will be a brand. So, therefore, you must be one too. You want readers to remember you- recognize you even. Having a recognizable identity on isn't just for social media- you want readers to be able to learn more about you so you can establish yourself as a recognizable author.

A website is a great place to direct your social media followers so they can read more about your book and buy it!


Here is what a small Wix website creating looks like:
● Design of look (thinking about branding)
● Personal Logo* or text only author name
● Mobile optimized
● Home, About, Contact, Books pages
● Blog page creation
● Editorial writing and/or feedback to your texts


We also offer consultation/coaching services! If you want to design your Wix site or manage it yourself but don't know where to start, ask us about this service.


Vancouver, Canada

Working online with clients from all over the world!

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