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Did you like my website? I created it with Wix! Wix Websites are very easy to edit and can be mobile-optimized. They're kind of perfect for small businesses, especially when you are the one managing it and editing. They're also great for displaying portfolio images or resumes.

If you're looking to have a blog or a store- they can do that too! They've got every option imaginable, so most likely they'll be great for your needs!

Plus, we've recently partnered with an amazing Content Marketing Expert and a SEO Specialist to take your small website to the next level. 


Here's what we can do together: 

● Design of look (thinking about branding)
●Full logo design package or text only options
● Mobile optimized
● Home, About, Contact, Content Pages
● Blog page creation
●Content creation, editing and/or feedback to your texts
● basic SEO & specialized SEO options available

​We also offer consultation/coaching services! If you want to design your Wix site or manage it yourself but don't know where to start, ask us about this service.​​

How does that sound? Want a quote? Send me an e-mail and I'll back to you with a personalized proposal that fits your needs!

Wix website design portfolio

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