Did you like my website and portfolio? I created it with Wix! Wix Websites are very easy to edit and can be mobile-optimized. They're kind of perfect for small business when you are the one managing it and editing. They're also great for displaying portfolio images or Resumes.

If you're looking to have a blog or a store- they can do that too! They've got every option imaginable, so most likely they'll be great for your needs!


Here's what we can do together: 


  • Create and design your Wix website (thinking about branding & visual identity)

  • We can create a personalized logo

  • The page will be mobile optimized

  • As many pages as you need

  • We can create a blog or store

  • We can edit, create content & copy, or simply proofread your texts

  • SEO

  • Upload your own images to the site, if needed / or / we can set up using only Wix exclusive images.


DOES NOT INCLUDE DOMAIN OR HOSTING. However, here's how I can help there:

  • I can help you connect your domain once you purchase it and then transfer the site to you- or I can explain to you how to connect the domain after the transfer- whatever you prefer.

  • I can also explain how to register your site on Google so people can find you!

  • Important: Wix Premium hosting is not included in my price, it is a monthly or yearly payment that must be paid directly to Wix, but do not worry these are very affordable! I can help you decide if they are the right fit for you. 


How does that sound? Want a quote? Send me an e-mail and I'll back to you with a personalized proposal that fits your needs!


Plus, we coach you and teach you how to use your Wix site!