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A conversation with self-published author Devon Eggers

If you are at any point in your writing journey and thinking about self-publishing, this video is for you! Learning from an author who has already been through it's probably something that would really help you, wouldn't it? So, that's why Ana sat down with one of our long time clients Devon Eggers how had a lot to share with us about his writing experience.

Devon and Ana started working together in 2018 on the book cover design for his debut novel Sky View. We have since worked on a lot of different design projects and we are proud to say, we continue to have him as a regular client. Most recently, we did a revamp of his Wix website to include all his creative outlets, as he is very multi-talented guy!

The actor, musician and self-published author chatted with us over Zoom to discuss his writing process and all things creative. He told us about how long it took him to write his debut novel, how his process was and discussed beta-readers and much more. Be sure to also check out his advice for writers and authors out there and if you stick till the end, he shares a bit of his experience with our design services!

We hope you enjoy the interview!


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Lorna Carleton
Lorna Carleton
Oct 23, 2021

Great interview!!

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