Looking for a helping hand to write engaging Ads, blogs, editorial articles or TV scripts? Looking for someone to get you to write up descriptions for your website or business?


We offer Creative & Editorial Writing services that are perfect for a small business or the self-employed!

We write engaging blogs and edit all kinds of written work. We have experience editing website content, writing blogs and even researching, co-writing and ghostwriting TV scripts for segments that have appeared on Global TV and even on the Today Show. 



We now offer editing services for your book!

We offer mainly two types of editing: grammar/spelling and content/structure editing. Wheather is your first round or your final round of editing, we have flexible packages to fit your needs.


Plus, if the book is part of a series but not the first book, we offer services to check the consistency across the series, such as character backstories, setting details, etc. For more information, please click here.